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I have tried all kinds of methods of backing up my work so if my computer fails, I can continue with another. This has got to be the best! As soon as you save a file, it is backed up (if you are on line). And best of all, I keep an image of my files on my laptop immediately so if I have to go somewhere, all my work is right there, no messing around with flash drives. I am protected against fire, theft, and all kinds of disasters. Best of all it is dirt cheap. One current limitation is that it does not backup Microsoft Outlook files.

Development Tools

Free Lectora guides for templates, hotkeys, certificates, and animated characters

Search Engine for Lectora (Untried)


Paid: royalty-free image license allows you to pay a single, up-front fee for an image for use for other clients and projects without paying further licensing fees. Be sure to read the license agreement for use.

Free stock photography sources you can use them for most personal and commercial uses. Be sure to read the license agreement for use. You may NOT resell the photo.


Avoid Disaster

SugarSync Online - Try FREE for 30 days.
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Zoom Search Engine 5.0

Zoom is the easiest way to add a powerful custom search engine for your website, Intranet, or CD/DVD-ROM. It will run on most hosting services via one of the supported platform options (PHP, ASP, Javascript, CGI) and has a huge array of features. People have asked for this. I have not tried it so I am not sure it works for Lectora and no idea how it would work with an LMS.


Screen Ruler

This is absolutely one of the best screen rulers you can get and IT IS FREE!!! --->



Screen Capture - Nice because you can automate so many things.


Free Screen Capture - Free but less powerful



Free but very limited



Can preserve hyperlinks from MS Word as well as build a sidebar table of contents based on styles. It gives more dynamic control over where things are saved.



Sound recording and editing tool



FLV (Flash Video) captioning solution. Good tool for adding events (cuepoints) to .flvs


Windows Media Encoder 9 Series

For doing all kinds of stuff including adding events to audio and video files if you do not have Lectora Professional.

Tools for the Developer