Design Review/Advice/Coaching


Becoming a really proficient e-learning designer can take a long time and a lot of mistakes. If you don't use the time-tested principles, your e-learning can be a waste of time and worse yet, turn learners off to future courses. You can read the books (see Books) but that takes a lot of time and effort.


There are two quick, easy, and highly effective ways to master the craft of e-learning design.

  • Take some bottom-line e-Lessons on e-learning course design and
  • Get some coaching


If you or your team have the desire to learn how to:

  • Do the job right,
  • Develop successful high-impact e-learning,
  • Save yourself or your team a lot of time, money, and grief
  • To learn to apply the best practices now with the least effort

then consider some Design Review/Advice/Coaching/Training.


I provide:

  • Review of current designs
  • Advice on how to improve your designs

Individual or group coaching


know-how to deliver a world of high-impact e-learning

E-Learning Instructional Design Services

Course Design

Need expert instructional design skills to create engaging high- impact courses? You have come to the right place

Designs are not based solely on personal opinion but rather on research principles that have been tested in the real world: Allen, Clarke, Knowles, Driscoll, Horton, Aldrich, Bloom, ...

Course Redesign/Conversion

paced e-learning course. Call now for expert help in converting your courses!

Need the expertise to convert instructor-led courses into engaging learner-focused e- learning? A lot needs to change to take an instructor-led course and turn it into a self-


If you are not satisfied with my work, there is no charge.