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Remote Lectora Training


Using the GoToMeeting service I provide live, instant remote training, coaching, and problem solving sessions.


These courses are designed for individual learners. In situations where there are not enough students to warrant an on-site course nor the travel budget to support going to public classes, these are ideal solutions. They use a blended learning approach combining online coaching with self-study.


Lectora 101 - The Basics Step-by-Step Remote Course

This online approach to Lectora 101 training begins with a one-hour session where the student is introduced to Lectora. Thereafter students work on their own to complete the eight steps in the course. Each step is followed by an individual online review and coaching session to ensure that they are on the right track. Lectora Training Agendas.pdf. If you want to enroll, click here.


Lectora 301 - Intermediate - Advanced Techniques

This online approach to intermediate/advanced Lectora training begins with a planning session where the learner and Dr. Lectora (Ben Pitman) identify which of the 50 techniques are to be covered. The emphasis is on applying these techniques to real courses that the learner is working on. The remote training includes 6 online coaching sessions and a review of a current course the learner is developing for improvements in technique. Lectora Training Agendas.pdf.




I provide:

       Individual or group on-site Lectora training and coaching

       Review your current courses

       Follow-on support via e-mail and web conferencing.


Lectora 101 - The Basics Step-by-Step training course

The focus of this hands-on Lectora training class is on developing a web-based training Lectora course, not on just the mechanics of buttons, menus, options, properties, actions, etc. You develop an e-learning training course from a storyboard. You get 8 example files which give you the completed version of all the exercises in the book. Each example builds on the previous one so you can see the progression to building a complete e-learning tutorial. It can be a 2 or 3 day class depending on your requirements. Lectora Training Agendas.pdf.


Lectora 301 - How to Create Interesting Courses using

                         Groups, Variables, and More

In this custom Lectora training class you will learn the techniques needed to develop advanced Lectora courses that are much more interesting to your audience. If you are looking for new interactions to spice up your courses, this course is an answer to your prayers.

Who should take this training: Anyone who has completed basic Lectora training and who has been using Lectora regularly for several months and who wants to develop impressive courses faster.

What you will learn: The book will help you in three ways. You will become an expert on how to:

1. Use actions, groups, variables, and more

2. Develop interesting and effective courses

3. Shorten your development time

The participant workbook covers more than 50 techniques on how to use more advanced actions, how to use action and object groups, variables, and more. Learners come to class with real projects they wish to improve. They select techniques from the 50 to apply during the 2 or 3 day class and apply them to their courses during the class. Lectora Training Agendas.pdf.

On-Site Lectora Training & Coaching Services


If you are not satisfied with my work, there is no charge.