know-how to deliver a world of high-impact e-learning

Want to be more productive and build better courses at the same time? If so, then take advantage of these many valuable e-learning design and Lectora development information bites and tools.

  • You can get the bits you wanted and not have to take the whole thing
  • You can easily work them into your schedule
  • They are valuable but still affordable (your boss would approve the purchase or you might buy them even if you did not get reimbursed)

Some of the main categories are described but there are more. Check out the entire Productivity e-Store.

Tips, Tricks, Secrets







Volumes of tips, tricks, and secrets on getting the most out of Lectora plus other resources to get trained in Lectora - some free like the reviews of 2007, 2008, 2009, and some of 2010- 2012 plus the popular Toolkit.

e-Learning Design


Here you will find information on how to you can create engaging high-impact courses.  The first is one there now - the ABCs of Creating Engaging Courses.


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Lectora Techniques/Add-ons


These add-on's make your course more powerful, more engaging, and more effective.  


Work is hard enough! Why not look like a wizard? Amaze your boss and co-workers. Get:

  • Detailed step-by-step instructions on how to use the add-on
  • A complete worked example with portions that can easily be turned into reusable library objects
  • A free problem-solving session related to the technique (e- mail or call in by phone) with the author, "Dr. Lectora" (Ben Pitman).


Tips on How to Justify to Your Boss

Imagine if you had to figure out how to do any one of these yourself. How long would it take? Usually the answer is days or not at all. You probably would have a lot of trial and error - all the while you are under the gun to get the project done. Then consider your hourly rate. Your return on investment is many-fold! Only $9 - $19 each! Click the button below to see what is currently available.

Affordable Know-how to Boost Your Productivity